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Package Includes: Fairy Lemon Washing Up Liquid with LiftAction 383 MLContact us. With no soaking, goop, or fuss. All traces of greasy leftover food are eliminated by thorough cleaning. For a neat, tidy finish, its concentrated solution quickly cuts through grease. Exceptionally long-lasting suds between drops Rubber gloves are unnecessary because they are gentle on your skin. The reliable Lemon Product Marketing and Original Scent are two available fresh scents that have a wonderful scent. Every drop of Fairy Washing Up Liquid has the incredibly long-lasting cleaning power you need for your dishes please get in touch! We want to guarantee that everything about your purchase is perfect.

Please always message us before leaving any negative reviews to give us the opportunity to resolve the issue if you are unhappy with the service or package you received. Thank you.

Fairy Lemon Washing Up Liquid with LiftAction 383 ML.

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