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Experience the rich and authentic taste of our African Palm Nut Cream for Cooking Soups. This creamy and flavorful mixture is perfect for creating soups that will tantalize your taste buds. Not only that, but it also serves as a delicious accompaniment to Fufu, Yam, or Rice.

Crafted with the palm nuts from Africa, this cream is made using traditional methods to ensure authenticity. Its smooth texture blends effortlessly into soups and stews while imparting a unique nutty flavor.

The African Palm Nut Cream is easy to use;

WARNING - Cook before eating

Cooking Tip: Add 2 cups of water to a cup of Palm Cream concentrate and boil for about 40 minutes, then add meat or fish along with onion, tomatoes, and spices of your choice and boil for another 30 minutes.

Bring the flavors of Africa into your kitchen today by adding our African Palm Nut Cream for Cooking Soups to your pantry collection!

Ingredients- Palmnut

Nutrition Value. Per 100g

Energy 2135 kj

Fat. 53g

Of which saturates. 5.7g

Carbohydrates. 9.5g

Of which sugars 0g

Protein. 1.5g

Salt. 0.5g

Canned African Palm Nut Cream for Cooking Soups and could be eaten with Fufu/Yam

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