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Stay warm and cozy with the Daewoo Flat Fan Heater (2000W). This powerful heater is perfect for any room in your home, providing instant warmth and comfort.

Key Features:

- 2000W power output for efficient heating

- Flat design allows for easy placement in any room

- Fan function helps circulate heat throughout the room

The Daewoo Flat Fan Heater (2000W) is a great option for those looking to quickly heat up a space. The flat design makes it easy to place in any location, while the fan function helps circulate warm air throughout the entire room. With 2000W of power output, this heater will efficiently provide you with instant warmth and comfort on even the coldest days.

In addition to its heating capabilities, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be warm and safe with the Daewoo Flat Fan Heater.

Daewoo Flat Fan Heater (2000W)

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