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Looking for a fresh and healthy addition to your meals? Introducing our Fresh Tuber of Yam, weighing in at 2KG and perfect for boiling or frying before consumption. With its natural, earthy flavor, this yam is a great source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Our Fresh Tuber of Yam is carefully selected. Its firm texture makes it easy to prepare, whether you choose to boil or fry it. Once cooked, the yam has a smooth texture that pairs well with stews and soups.

In addition to its great taste and versatility in the kitchen, our Fresh Tuber of Yam is tasty. Order your 2KG pack today for an easy way to add fresh nutrition into your diet!

Fresh Tuber of Yam (2KG) Boil/Fry before Eating it.

    Pound Redeemed Limited
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