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Introducing the 6x1 Blue Centre Feed Embossed Roll, a versatile and durable 2-ply paper towel designed to cater to all your cleaning needs. This disposable kitchen towel is an essential addition to your home or office cleaning arsenal, providing a quick and easy solution for spills, stains, and messes.

With a length of 45M per roll and six rolls in total per pack, this Blue Centre Feed Embossed Roll offers excellent value for money. The embossed design ensures maximum absorption capacity while also delivering superior softness for comfortable use.

This paper towel's blue color adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to any space while also making it easier to identify when in need of a quick clean-up. Its center-feed design allows easy access from any angle or direction without the need for complicated dispensers.

This disposable kitchen towel is perfect not only for cleaning kitchens but also bathrooms or other areas where high hygiene standards are required. Its portability makes it suitable even when you're on-the-go or camping outdoors.

In summary, the 6x1 Blue Centre Feed Embossed Roll provides long-lasting durability combined with maximum absorption capacity that ensures efficient use with every sheet you use. Get this essential item today!

One Blue Centre Feed Kitchen Embossed Rolls. 2 Ply Paper Towel 45M. Disposable K

PriceFrom £1.80
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